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Cassie Coulas

"I turned my injury setbacks into comebacks - now I teach empowering modification inclusive workouts so you can reduce re-injury and stay on-track to healing." - Cassie Coulas 


Meet Cassie

Dancer, FitPro, Do-Good-er

Cassie’s movement journey began with t-ball at age 6 and her first ballet class at age 9. Her ballet teacher, Ms Joan, recognized her "natural facility" and immediately she was fast-tracked into pre-professional dance training - Cassie says, “Ballet chose me, and eventually, I chose it.” 


During her years of professional dance training and BFA study, Cassie encountered multiple ankle sprains (re-injury) and a radial head compression fracture. These setbacks built her resilience, patience, and persistence.

After graduating, she seemed to have been “chosen” again - this time by barre fitness. After 9 years as an instructor at Physique 57 Cassie left the barre (and the stage) for the Yoga mat, TRX suspension trainer, and FlexFormer. 


Fueled by her own injury recoveries and a desire to better assist others like her, Cassie became an eternal student. She now holds specialties in Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injury (Kane School / Icahn School of Medicine), Cancer Exercise, (American Council of Sports Medicine), and PreNatal Pilates (Kane School). 


In 2020 Cassie became her own client when she was diagnosed with a rare peripheral nervous system condition. With the combined efforts of medication, and an incredible team of Physical Therapists, she pleasantly surprised her Physician who in his 30 years of medical practice dubbed her “one of, if not THE fastest recoveries, I’ve ever seen”. 


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